Warning – Stop Feeding Your Children This!

Warning: Once most of you read this, you will most likely get rid of what is in your kitchen immediately, just as I did.  


Before I get started with the bad news, there is something you all must understand. While conducting my research, I realized how many people have a terrible misconception of maple syrup. We conducted a poll and asked thousands of people, “why do they not purchase pure maple syrup”. The vast majority of these people stated that, “pure maple syrup is way too expensive”.  Up until a few months ago, I would have said the same thing until I of course conducted massive research of how dangerous the so called cheap stuff is.  

The simple truth to all of this is that pure maple syrup is not expensive at all, and I am going to tell you why :-). The answer to this is surprisingly very simple.

I can take you through the grueling process of the production of pure maple syrup.  I can bore all of you with step by step instructions of how maple syrup is produced after the tree is actually tapped. I can even show all of you a video of the week long process, extremely hard work and employees needed just to produce a few bottles of pure maple syrup. However, I am not going to post any of that information within this post for very good reason.  Let me just get down to it and explain to all of you why people “think” pure maple syrup is so expensive.


Time To Receive Some Life Changing Information Folks 😉 


For years people say the same statement. “I would purchase pure maple syrup, but it is just too expensive, the watered down stuff tastes just fine on my pancakes”.  This is what I literally thought for years. I would go to the grocery store, bypass the maple syrup for 14.99 and purchase the maple syrup for 3.99. All while thinking to myself, “why would I purchase maple syrup for 14.99, when I can get it for 3.99”.  Doesn’t make any sense right?  Well, let me write my previous sentence one more time. Just let it sink in this time.


I would go to the grocery store, bypass the maple syrup for 14.99 and purchase the maple syrup for 3.99.


There is a major problem within this statement.  It turns out, the so called maple syrup I was purchasing for 3.99 was not maple syrup at all!  Yes, that’s right!  It is not “watered down” pure maple syrup.  It is not 50% maple syrup mixed with artificial flavor.  That stuff for 3.99 is literally chemicals in a bottle, mixed with water and maple flavoring.  Key word; flavoring, not maple syrup.  Even the select few products that claim to be part “real” maple syrup, utilize a “concentrated” mixture of maple syrup.  I now refer to this stuff as, “chemicals in a bottle”.  Let me list a few real ingredients inside this stuff we put on our children’s food every other morning.


“Genetically modified sugars, thickening agents, emulsifiers, artificial flavors, synthetic food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, water (thank god), cellulose gum, caramel color, salt, sodium benzoate and sorbic acid (preservatives), a bunch more artificial flavors, and a splash of sodium hexametaphosphate. No maple syrup. No health benefits at all! Just known health risks!”


Truthfully, when I saw these ingredients along with the many dangerous risks involved, I immediately informed my wife and threw all of that fake stuff right in the garbage!  We are not perfect in our daily diets one bit; however, we will never purchase that stuff again. If you want to consume these chemicals on your waffles and pancakes, you might as well smoke a cigarette while you’re at it.  


This is the reason why we all “think” that pure maple syrup is so expensive.  Most of these chemicals we purchase for 3.99 is not maple syrup at all.  The vast majority of these companies are not even allowed to put maple syrup on their products.  They utilize slick words to psychologically trick you into thinking that it is actual maple syrup.


So, there you all have it. 


When we are all stating that, “pure maple syrup is too expensive”, we must keep in mind the product(s) we are comparing this to.  We are simply comparing two completely different products. We are not comparing maple syrup to maple syrup.  If I placed a fake diamond next to a real diamond, would you complain about the real diamond being too expensive compared to the fake diamond that looks very similar to the real diamond?  With that said, would you purchase the wedding ring with fake diamonds, or would you spend the extra cash to purchase the real diamonds?  I can bet my life the vast majority of you are wearing real diamonds on your finger right now.  But why?  Why don’t you all save money and wear the fake diamonds?  I mean no one could hardly tell the difference right?  Consequently, what action would we all decide to take in regards to putting something inside of our bodies?  Are we going to save money buying the fake chemicals, or are we going to put the real stuff inside of our bodies?  

True Story 

The decision I made was instant. Once I saw the countless research all over the internet, I quickly made the conscious decision to instantly switch over to real pure maple syrup.

A word of advice, if you have children.

My wife and I did not make the children aware that their maple syrup was switched over.  Pure maple syrup has a richer, flavorful, more robust taste. If your children are accustomed to tasting the chemical syrup, it may catch them off guard and take some time getting used to.  With that said, my eight year old daughter did not realize that we switched her maple syrup. As she was eating her waffles, she asked, “what kind of syrup did you put on my waffles?”  Before my wife and I told her, we asked her “why”.  With a big smile on her face she literally said, “because this is really good”.  I walked to the refrigerator, pulled out the jug and said, “this is real maple syrup”. Daddies new client produces real maple syrup and I had to try it out.”  She said, “cool”.  I told her that we will be using that maple syrup for now on.  

Ok, you made your point so what’s next? 

Click on the product page and give Ulinger’s Maple Syrup a try LoL!  On a serious note, yes of course we would love for you to support our local family business by purchasing our product.  However, if you do not purchase our product right here from this site, at the very least, throw that chemical syrup in the garbage and purchase some pure maple at your local farmers market.  Be sure that it is real pure maple syrup.  

For those of you who live in a place where there is a shortage of real maple syrup, we understand that prices can be extremely high in your area.  We also understand that maple syrup is heavy and very expensive to ship. This is why we do our best with seasonal sales and low shipping costs.  Purchase enough to last and simply enjoy our great tasting products.  

Once again thank you very much for reading. 

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