Magical Grade B Maple Syrup?

Over several years later, people are still on the hunt for the magical Grade B Maple Syrup!

Well folks, we are going to quickly clear this up and provide you a yellow brick road map to our
precious Grade B Maple Syrup.


The Boring History…

Around 2012, the International Maple Syrup Institute suggested that the grades of Maple Syrup should change.  Shortly after, the USDA made these new Maple Syrup Grades a standard. “But why, why did they change this? We all love Grade B Maple Syrup. It is the most popular Grade. What is the reason for this change?” Well folks…. Here is your answer:







We Have No Idea! LOL 

With that said, we have outstanding news! The grades of Maple Syrup may have changed ;however, Maple Syrup has not changed one bit. We produce the same Maple Syrup. We simply are required to call it by a different name, or to be maplelitically correct, Grade.

Here at Ulinger’s Maple Farm we provide Grade B Maple Syrup in our “Quarts & Half Gallon” sizes. With that said, by law the name of Grade B Maple Syrup has simply changed to “Grade A Very Dark Color”. Therefore, when purchasing, simply select “Grade A Very Dark Color and Strong Taste” in the drop down menu.

Boom! Problem solved.



But What About The Master Cleanse Diet?


If you purchase Ulinger’s “Grade A Very Dark Color and Strong Taste”, you will have the same Grade of Maple Syrup you should use in your Master Cleanse Diet 🙂

Please remember that this option is only available in our “Quarts and Half Gallon” sizes. For those of you who would like to support our local business, we conveniently placed a link to our Quarts and Half Gallon sizes below. Remember to select “Grade A Very Dark Color and Strong Taste” in the drop down menu to get a hold of your Grade B syrup.

Thank you for your support and thank you very much for reading!