Frequently Asked Questions

◊ Is your maple syrup organic?
Yes, our maple is 100% organic.


◊ Do you sell Grade B Maple Syrup?
Yes, however we only provide Grade B Maple Syrup in our “Quarts & Half Gallon” sizes. Also, by law the name of Grade B Maple Syrup has simply changed to “Grade A Very Dark Color”. Therefore, when purchasing, simply select “Grade A Very Dark Color and Strong Taste” in the drop down menu 🙂


◊ What type/grades of maple do you sell?
Grade A: Amber color and rich taste
Grade A: Dark color and robust taste
Grade A: Very dark color and strong taste


◊ Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, we have sold wholesale for over 30 years.


◊ Do you conduct tours of your maple farm? (school field trips etc…)
Yes, please contact us HERE for further information.


◊ Can I find your product in my local store?
If you are in the western NY area, you can find our maple syrup in all Dashs markets, Lexington Co-Op, East Aurora Co-Op, Marilla country store and many more! If you would like our product in your store, please contact us for further information.

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Ulinger’s Maple Farm
8835 Crumb Hill Rd.
East Otto, NY 14729

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