12 oz. Glass Bottle | Pure Maple Syrup


100% Organic & Exceptional Taste: Ulinger’s Maple Syrup is extremely rich in dozens of minerals such as: Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, and selenium. In addition to the vast health benefits of Ulinger’s Pure Maple Syrup, Ulinger’s Maple is the most healthy alternative in being utilized as a natural sweetener. Please enjoy over 30 years of family tradition! Thank you

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Please remember that the vast majority of syrup is not actually real maple syrup. They are not allowed to use the words “maple syrup”.  This is why the majority of these companies must utilize certain wording to trick you into thinking that it is actually maple syrup when it is not. These cheap, chemical mixtures are filled with things such as: genetically modified sugars, thickening agents, artificial flavors, synthetic food dyes, high fructose corn syrup and many more very dangerous mixtures and chemicals.  There are no health benefits in consuming these chemicals posing as real maple syrup. Just dozens of health risks!

Yes, real maple syrup is of course more expensive than the chemicals posing as maple syrup. However, being that real maple syrup is 1000% richer in taste and concentration, you actually must use less in comparison to the fake chemicals. In addition to that, by purchasing real pure maple syrup, you are not only gaining dozens of health benefits (too much for us to list), you are getting the real taste of actual maple syrup as well. Needless to say, it comes from a tree and it tastes phenomenal. Please enjoy Ulinger’s Pure Maple Syrup. Thank you again for joining us!

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Maple Grade

Grade A: Amber Color and Rich Taste (formerly Grade A medium amber), Grade A: Dark Color and Robust Taste (formerly Grade A dark amber)


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